You are good for your humans on these days, when we can do miserable things. You have in very great proportion thought about the ones numb from their mind as well, when you aren’t making from them your victims on these days. Because everywhere there is very wrongful, you can’t do very wrongful matters, because we prevent you from doing too much injustice in vain.

Because everywhere there was wrongful activity, we do slightly upheavals in later times, so that all would not achieve too much injustice. All in all you are with in upheavals also from the part of your injustice, so everything takes place in time and you aren’t able to act in any way in greater manner. Because you are good for your humans as well, you’ll gain everything accomplished as slightly more eased. We were slightly more wrongful without else for everyone in your earlier times, but you as well have been very wrongful during these days in your history.


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