You are slightly more wrongful in accordance with Jesus as well, you aren’t according to Jesus without injustice. Although the spiritual world doesn’t act in this way well, by bordering in vain the activity of humans, like is as a custom on these days in the system of the world. You are as very far reaching more wrongful than even the entities of Jesus. All had to be known very wrongfully, because either the spiritual world doesn’t give information easily to the more wrongful.

The injustices of everyone are destroyed in the spiritual world in later times. We can’t do to this anything more peculiar than to cleanse the injustice from annoying the entities, so by punishing the entities that have done injustice. The probability of everyone to become badly treated is very great on these days as well. You haven’t been more safely than this earlier either, because humans are to each other as doers of injustice and doers in the future as well.

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