To everywhere one did all kinds of activity. What the beggars as well think of this, is very far-reaching activity. Never anywhere was one better to humans than this, one was also in Heaven wrongful. Also about the matters of angels as well we have slightly made writings earlier, but also the activity of humans is very meaningful, although humans have mortality as their feature. All humans had to know, that with the matters of the Creator there isn’t to be played with.

To everywhere one was slightly more wrongful, because also the Creator is wrongful, although without wanting this. With wrongfulness it is very wrongful to stamp anyone, because all have a feature like this, where injustice has to be done, although oneself wouldn’t want it being done. Everywhere came punishments from wrongdoing, which accomplishes in itself the doing of new injustice as punishment activity. It is so impossible to punish without injustice, which brings forth the making of injustice that is always within the activity of the world.


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