As your channeling of the day is on this day of yours events comparing the greatest reality, where a pandemic has conquered the minds of humans, and your earlier problems haven’t been let past the pandemic in your thoughts of today. All your earlier problems caused kind of a stalemate situation, into which one didn’t find any solution, and so a new curse was let to develop for humanity, which the pandemic came to repair. Because while all has stopped into a hostile stalemate situation, are the measures of the spiritual world slightly bordered, and so a curse was given birth, from which ensued the present day situation and humans’ locked states of being received a wake up, that matters can go better as well. 

After the present-day situation, you will notice how little you can do to the activity of the spiritual world, and you’ll learn to distinguish better the locked emotions of each other, which helps you as well to wing into the reality of modern world, where everything isn’t virtual either, but you might confront still the fundamental problems of nature, especially if you don’t experience you to live naturally. All twisted technologies of yours won’t help you in this problem almost at all, but everywhere there are very many humans still accomplishing orthodox activity, when your life won’t end yet on this day either. 


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