Channeling of the day 16.1.2020 

As a channeling of the day is all covering victim activity, which have been decreased on this day. Nowhere there are greater upheavals than punishment activity achieved with victim activity, because with victim activity one achieves punishments, to those using that activity. This can due from a very minor victim as well, like sacrificing of the spiritual world taken place in thoughts. These kinds of victims are entities of the spiritual world, which one either shouldn’t be allowed to sacrifice with thoughts either. Anywhere you don’t know, that victims are sacrificeable at times due to it, that from this would ensue much disturbances to the sacrificer. We are so very wrongful to all the ones exercising victim activity, from which ensues lots of treacheries for humans, who sacrifice more emotionally as well. All victims are in all covering wrongful problems, so they have to sacrificed, so that they wouldn’t go more twisted than in which state they in that state already were.  

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