Because you are as all covering executing activity accepted by us, you can not accomplish anything more wrongful towards others. Towards yourselves you are allowed to be more wrongful than towards others because injustice is between two entities, and harm done to oneself does not accomplish the meaning of injustice. So, no one can come to say, that you are not allowed to do harm to yourselves, because also the Creator accomplishes punishments by himself when he harms himself always when he notices to have done injustice as a physical entity. So, from punishments one can always survive with few damages, but at times from these ensue need for healing. In a punishment the Creator commands with the help of his spirit onto the physical level mistaken activity or a mistake taken place due to an unpleasant coincidence and so he experiences punishments already before anyone could reach to punish by others, which holds the Creator’s activity in its value.


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