You have as special individuals done all kinds of activity also in our earlier times, because you are so wrongful, that we aren’t able to accomplish the matters of this world, without your activity. Everywhere one was very good also on this day, because the Creator accomplished all kinds of more traumatic activity. We can’t write about everything, from which we’d like to be talked about, because everything is so wrongful for you there in the world. We end this writing into a new subject, which is the humans of outer space.

The humans of outer space are perfectly more wrongful than you there on your planet Earth. That is why we don’t want them to be talked about else than only then when they are being searched. Due to this the humans remain better towards each other, and wouldn’t follow the example of the entities of outer space, who we hold as more wrongful. We are so very safeguarding to the humans living on planet Earth in our world.


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