You have never done anything better than what one expects from you in the spiritual world. So, your own abilities are mostly accomplished by the spiritual world, without your own merit from the part of their accomplishing. The spiritual world speaks in this manner because the spiritual world has also created you, so no one is able to accomplish more with their own strength except with such features, which are accomplished with own will orthodoxly. Often a human does only injustice while acting as self-learned, from which follows only punishments, but on the other hand there exists humans, who have succeeded in some of their own causing perfectly, from which has followed gratitude from the Creator from the perfect creator entity that has followed from this. So, at times a human destroys only oneself, as long as it is permitted, so there should be more true humans, whose injustice would not bloom straight when an opportunity comes, but who would do truly right matters to all without injustice.

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