Because you are so wrongful, you can’t accomplish the Creator’s systems in all ways. Because we are slightly more wrongful to the wrongful humans of the world, because all came along with the help from their injustice too well as well at times. This so can seem to be useful to be wrongful, but finally all injustice will be avenged with punishment activity, when from any wrongful act there isn’t finally benefit to humans themselves either. This is very secret information, but although also activity accepted by Michael. The injustices of everyone will so become punished, and one doesn’t get away from anything except by repairing the wrongful matters, which is very time consuming and difficult from all sides.

We are very wrongful, because the spiritual world acts with the help from a permission, when injustices are better in control, when the activity is based on a permission from the Creator’s systems. With the help from this kind of permission, one can harm entities in very great proportions, but although such requires very much knowledge from the spiritual world, and from it there won’t come punishment from the spiritual world, while it being as a giver of such permission. One’s self-motivated injustice is always punishable, because it has usually been done by thinking of one’s own advantage, and for such the spiritual world doesn’t give a permission.


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