Everywhere there had to be more soulful activity, so that all would develop and wouldn’t cause extra harm to all their known entities, which takes place as soulless. From anywhere you can’t also according to beggars accomplish any more peculiar injustice, but you strive always on to the road of the least injustice. Everywhere there is very injustice accepting activity, because this is being thought to be a punishment from earlier times. So, the functioning of injustice has been tested also by the world’s humans, and its accepting as right minded activity, is very calming and from this there doesn’t ensue punishments. Only the advancing of injustice is worsening and so activity hated by the Creator, so injustice one shouldn’t advance in any form, because it’s only a stimulus from the entities following the Creator, who don’t live in our universe world, but are only reflections by us. Such entities do so much injustice due to us, that they couldn’t even live with us. But about them one shouldn’t worry almost at all, because they are our own mirror images, where one measures the features of humans and if they don’t please this mirror image, can this inspection measure cause catastrophic destruction activity to this entity which accepted injustice.  


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