Timeline position Rise of the dinosaurs – Extinction of the dinosaurs

Our dinosaurs were in very great scale also with in the action of humans, because at that time lizardmen killed dinosaurs for their own amusement. From this the Illuminati did not like, but killed for the lizardmen, who had come from the outer space, them in their all covering system. The lizardmen of the outer space lived during those times on planet Earth because the systems of the planet Earth were destroyed on to the side of the lizardmen. Evolutionally it was not possible to develop so many different lizard species, so that into the world would have been born humanoid lizardmen, so these were brought from the outer space. So, it does not always happen, that these lizardmen are brought from the outer space and so they were directly learned all also on the level of behavior. From these lizardmen did not leave any relics, because the spiritual world removed all humanoid-lizardmen relics for modern times, so that their features would not influence into the science conception of modern times, where everything has taken place on its own.


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