Message from Jesus from the spiritual world VI

A message from Jesus is like this. The occultists as well hated Jesus, who has so good functions, when again the occultists have brain functions in accordance with receiving of side persons. The occultists have good thoughts only for themselves and for unknown, when again Jesus has a good willing appearance and thoughts only for his closest ones, which are humans who know him, with whom he can also get along as a human. All occultists are very wrongful, from which dues, that our occultists have clearly bitterness due to their bad functions.

The activity of the occultists was very wrongful activity for unknown humans. So they held balance, if emotions are more wrongful than was even imagined. The activity of the occultists isn’t stopped by else than the activity of the Creator’s appliance, because outsiders support the activity of the occultists, it being so destructive. The Creator’s appliance can although destroy the plans of the occultists, if also the Creator wants so. The plans of the occultists are very wrongful, and Jesus doesn’t last to watch the activity of the occultists with a good mind, when he doesn’t watch this, but develops new systems for our humans, where all would get along well with each other.

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