Message from Jesus from the spiritual world III

As long as you only gain good experiences, you can also with the help of Jesus accomplish all covering more psychopathic activity as well, when no one does injustice else than only lightly playing by depicting naivety by being good in every case. So Jesus as well acts, that he wouldn’t even kill a fly from his own nose, but only blowed it away from disturbing there. When living in accordance with Jesus you are very great from your proportions, because Jesus is as all covering more personal than the Creator is or other entities made by the Creator. As more personal Jesus does also writings with the help of others, and doesn’t write almost anything himself either. We speak in third person about ourselves, because we want it to become ensured that we are speaking about the right spirit entity.

Everywhere one acted wrongfully in our religions, where Jesus is with as well. Such matters of religion are very versatile, and one can’t avoid from wrongdoing, if the systems of the world accept it. Jesus as well is very wrongful from his thoughts, he is although good for humans as a spirit entity, but he is also in addition to this an eternally living helper spirit entity, which has much to do and to experience, so we end this writing, that nowhere there isn’t more injustice than in your Hell.

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