Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 17.


As a message from Jesus on this day are very great proportions to all your measures, with which you do good thinking activity for each other, and won’t think selfishly about yourselves either. For all came good stories as problems, while you are living in accordance with Jesus, when then own problems make oneself doubled up with laughter, and nothing feels too difficult. All humans have to be in accordance with the spiritual world, but Jesus has good measures, which exceed the requirements of the spiritual world, when you will get along even better by living in accordance with Jesus in relation to all matters, than by only living in accordance with the spiritual world.

Because you are so wrongful, you don’t experience this as a possibility either, although others have already achieved life on the level of Jesus as well. This isn’t very peculiar state of change, but only tasks need to be thought out and left undone or accomplished in accordance with that, is there more benefit from accomplishing it than leaving it undone in relation to everything possible. About Jesus still that much, that he is very pleased into the Creator’s activity in our today.

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