Life before the last ice age on planet Earth

Date 17.5.2014


Life before the last ice age compared the times known in modern times slightly less than is even imagined. Life was then very beautiful to look at a bit less than is even imagined. Then one was very bad to other entities, which were all the different human species, which lived then among each other.

Our different human species had a bit of controversies between each other, when no one was more safely within life than today. The species had nations, cities, bridges, different kinds of technologies and weapons also as high weapon technologies as is imagined as well. These weapons were percussion weapons. They didn’t have firearms.

Everyone had to be very wrongful to other species, if they weren’t allies. Some species so were as allies against other species, by opposing the activity of the other species. All our entities lived then very wrongful lives due to that one wasn’t able to get anything done, due to very troubled atmosphere.


During the ice age, humans were very marvelous from their appearance, while different kinds of human species were alive. The activity of all the species was very wrongful. To all the species there came a bit of troubles from the Creator, because the Creator punished the ones whom did injustice at that time like is today as well. Our entities after the ice age were slightly different than during the ice age or just before it. No one knew of our coming ice age before the snow started to fall. No one so knew when the ice ages begin.

The entities of outer space bombed planet Earth with nuclear weapons as well, when the climate cooled with the help from the dust cloud. So began an ice age, which lasted for a very long time. Such is one of my theories from where the ice age has started. On the other hand, it can also have started naturally without the influence of living entities.


Everywhere in earlier times there has been very high level activity. The functions of bodies of all the humans of earlier times were very similar as in modern times. Then, when the ice age began, had life advanced for all humans so far, that one could manufacture weapons, also otherwise, than only from rocks and wood or from bone. The functions of all our entities were very similar also outwardly like it is in modern times in our history. All the entities had good to be in the systems of the Creator during earlier times. Also the Creator lived then in our systems.

Before the beginning of the ice age, there were lots of different human species doing their wrongful work to destroy the Creator’s systems so, that a certain species would gain hegemony. The measures of all the entities compared fantasy stories. Such fantasy world has been in modern times before the ice age, and also after it in a slightly smaller scale.

The functions of all the systems were very wrongful for humans, because these systems were destroyed in our today during the final judgment. Beginning from the final judgment, we have been slightly better within life than how it has been ever in modern times even in our history, also before the ice age one was much more wrongful than what one could even be in modern times.


During all the ages, there is very high level activity, when nothing remains unclear. With the Creator’s magic in earlier times there has been all kinds of activity, also in modern times, the Creator has made lots of changes into the systems of the world. We are very wrongful in the Creator’s systems in relation to all the situations confronted in earlier times, because they are on a very high level as information of earlier times in the spiritual world and also in the physical world.

Life before the last ice age was, like we have red from our stories, which are called fantasy stories. Then one lived on a high level with different kinds of lives, which are also the Creator’s lives. During all the ages, the functions on the level of the fantasy world were very different than what there are in modern times. In our modern times, we know with the help from the spiritual world all kinds of ages, because the spiritual world tells from these times with the help from stories, from which the most successful are almost writing on the level of historical writing.

No one in the spiritual world wants to write from the age before the ice age but otherwise. We have in the spiritual world made better writings than you in the world. In the spiritual world, there are so many writings, that no one can explore them profoundly due to their amount. Into the functions of the spiritual world, we have become acquainted already in earlier times, because in the age before the ice age, the spiritual world functioned like today, except that the spiritual world functioned as more visible then, so in modern times the functions on the level of the fantasy world are more hidden.


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