Humans of outer space

In your outer space acts well humans exercising all kinds of activity. Into their activity belongs all kinds of doing of injustice, in which we can’t do more wrongful activity. Your outer space is very good by humans, because everywhere in your outer space there were good doings of humans. To the humans of your outer space there came slightly problems from the changing of the systems, from which dues also your problems in smaller scale.

In your outer space there is lots of folk, whose greatest meaning is to do also travels onto the planet Earth, on the other hand such is rarer than traveling otherwise. All Valars develop their own activity as a help for these travels.

In your outer space lives all kinds of an entity in greater proportions than what you are used to on your planet Earth. Into the activity of the entities of outer space connects traveling in the outer space, in this way they can study much the lives of other planets and develop their matters based on these information in very great proportion.

Planets are like an all covering environment, on which all entities are as very balanced, because in a primitive situation planet has to act independently, because it doesn’t have a permission to accomplish all covering injustice for our planets of the outer space. Everywhere one acted very wrongfully, from which dues all kinds of injustice as well and mishaps very great from their proportions. All your injustice is to be punished, when you aren’t able to do any greater activity.

The humans of outer space did much works as well, because the entities of outer space functioned very socially, this being the most natural for humans. From anywhere there isn’t coming a very great injustice for social humans. This is due to that in a social situation human has to estimate their own injustice towards other human, when injustice is in better control.

The humans of outer space did all covering activity in earlier times, when no one had nothing better to say to our Creator either. In modern times humans have better skills and know how to examine the meaning of earlier times. Humans of modern times in our outer space were very wrongful sometime earlier, from which dues this matter, that in your outer space there is very few folk who’d have ability to do injustice more than others. This is due to that the entities of outer space have been gained very fundamentally to be dependable on each other, when for the ones doing greater injustice is more difficult to gain this acceptance for their activity.

Our outer space accomplishes an all covering doing of injustice in our world, where also planet Earth is with as a developing planet, on which there isn’t permitted the presence of the entities of outer space except on the level of the spiritual world.

Nowhere there is anyone’s activity, which there was in earlier times also by the spiritual world, because nowhere is allowed to do injustice more than one does in these days in known areas of ours. In different galaxies either one achieves nothing more catastrophical injustice.

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