The History of Mankind

Published on 22.8.2012


The history of mankind is strange, because humans have existed beginning from earlier times. Humans have always been similar in their outlook, because everything is based on creating. Creating as a topic is very wrongful information to write about, because humans are too wrongful to each other with this information. Humans have killed each other’s already in earlier times, in as vast proportions, as what one exercises on this day. Mankind has been very wrongful towards other humans. All humans are more wrongful than is even imagined in the spiritual world. Still it is good to be for humans in the systems of planet Earth, because the Creator is a very creative entity, which makes systems for humans, with which they can be less harmful to each other.

The advancement of all the entities is very wrongful activity, because everything is wrongful in the spiritual world. To all our entities comes along with time the ending of injustice at the final judgment, if they don’t exercise activity on the level of the Creator. Everyone can so become creators, if they want with the Creator’s deal to become an entity on the level of the Creator. The Creator isn’t a very wrongful entity, although it looks like such, but wrongfulness is for him very well known. The injustice of all the wrongful entities is very cursed activity, which the Creator wants to decrease continually. All the injustices are very cursing, when no one gains the understanding of the Creator, if they want to curse their mind to do injustice. All the Creator’s deals are more wrongful than in our earlier times, when the Creator started to do injustice to other entities to gain the system to function even more wrongfully than what other humans functioned. So was advancement created, because then the wrongful entities couldn’t turn the system around with their own wrongfulness.

Wrongful entities were very cursed in earlier times, because then everyone had to a lesser extent good systems to guide the activity into better. This doesn’t although hold good completely, because also in modern times, there is very much injustice within the activity and the systems of modern times aren’t more comfortable for humans than what has been in earlier times. The injustices of all the wrongful entities are very twisted into wrongfulness, when all the entities have very much cursed thoughts, which cause wrongful activity. All our entities have very much injustice with them, when all our entities have never had things completely well.

Our wrongfulness is very wrongful activity, because all our entities have wrongfulness with them in very great proportions. All our entities have very much injustice with them due to earlier times. Every human has at some time been in the leadership of a nation, when everyone has had lots of wrongful measures. All our entities have so experience from all matters, if they have existed already 2000 years ago. All our entities have so very wrongful functions. 2000 years ago everyone could live in the Creator’s systems very wrongful lives, in which everyone had a possibility to live in abundance. This is due to that all our entities are very wrongful.

The injustice of all the entities we cannot measure, but everyone has still possibilities to be kind-hearted to other entities. Wrongful entities are very twisted to other entities, because they have become twisted from other entities due to earlier times. All entities have so at some time known each other in some way, if they have existed 2000 years ago. All our entities have very wrongful functions, because all the entities function on the level of the spiritual world a lot between each other, when all our entities on planet Earth have the ability to become acquainted with other entities with the help from the spiritual world in very vast proportions.



All our entities are very wrongful, which makes entities weaker than what is everywhere else. Elsewhere, there are materials, which are strong spirit entities, but not so able to do any special things. All our entities have injustice with them a lot, because all are more wrongful than was even imagined. The repairing of matters is very wrongful activity, when all injustices are very cursed measures. Everyone has lots of problems, which makes entities a lot more competent, if they are able to solve problems.

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