Future views I


Your future in the world is a plan of action planned by the Devil, where all systems will be accomplished to spoil the good feeling of all. So, no one has a good feeling, because all are so wrongful with their vanities once they have gained a good feeling, that you do not deserve good feeling at all.

These measures have already been executed, when losing the good feeling belongs into the activity of the spiritual world. You so have not achieved to accomplish the requirements brought by good feeling, where one does from the world better, but you have deserved all covering more wrongful handling by the spiritual world.

Such war activity as one in these days exercises, are held in the spiritual world as your mood’s spoiler. You have not deserved all covering good environment, but you are to be destroyed from your sensations also in later times, if so, the devil sees necessary while thinking of all.

Future views II

Your future looks like very scattered and an eternal spiral full of doings, in which no one has easy. So, we gain better spirits to be born with your activity, and no one is let to tell from their own wrongdoings to other humans of ours. So you will be under a very great program, where the spiritual world does all wrongdoing impossible in all developed kingdoms as well.

Into the activity of the spiritual world belongs the punishing of all the wrongful in very great proportions. So, you cannot find help from the church either because all is finally in the plans of the Devil. So, the devil does activity into the world, from which you do not know beforehand at all. So, the Devil’s activity advances in very great proportions. For the Devil there came very much suffering caused, but this all is deserved suffering, when no one suffers more than what one should. The own thoughts of humans belong into this activity, where one discerns the effects of the activity of the spiritual world into the life of humans.

All beggars as well accomplish far reaching events if they have been treated badly somewhere. The lack of empathy emotion seems like a very small risk, but the spiritual world observes from this, that now has taken place the leaving of the soul, when the Devil starts to accomplish punishments with this man of state as well who has lost his soul. No one knows, how much the soul influences into functions for anyone, so it is impossible to discern before the leaving of the soul, how the entity functions, if his soul leaves completely for home journey.

Future views III

As a problem you have are high level writings, with the help from which you execute different decrees, with the help from which you guide the activity of nations. With the help from these decrees humans execute very wrongful matters as well, so no one is responsible from the executing these decrees, but they are being executed so, that all would functions with less injustice a bit less.

The future views of all humans as well are very large scale for all entities. These writings as well are large scale to all who know about those.

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