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All demons are very wrongful. Demons are very wrongful, because all the demons have a sacred meaning to make the activity of the world wrongful. The true activity of all the demons is very advancing for mankind. The activity of real demons is very high level. All demons help humans to get along better with the help from injustice, which is very rarely harmful injustice.

The injustices of all the demons are destroyable to a lesser extent. All demons take victims in their use very rarely unlike it is frightened of demons. All our entities are like friends to demons, because they get along with humans with the help from their injustice like whomever. Demons function in the manner which they function, because demons have lots of contacts to the humans of the world. All of this takes place through channeling.

All our demons have hearing of the spirit as a property, when demons can listen to the thoughts of the world’s humans as channelings. The world’s humans have also got this hearing property. The hearing property is suppressed from the world’s humans by the world’s humans themselves, because the world’s humans are in modern times more suppressed from their functions than what one is in the spiritual world.

Demons live in the spiritual world lives similar to normal, so like one lives in the spiritual world, when all demons have very ordinary activity. Demons aren’t so like one founds to think, that demons are only evildoers for humans. Because their activity is more wrongful than the world’s humans’, but it isn’t meant as harmful activity but more in accordance with the system of the spiritual world.

Demons there are so many, that you won’t even believe it. Because from each life is a demon created into Hell, which is a dimension of the spiritual world. Demons are as punishers for humans, which act wrongfully according to demons, while they are as humans in the world. This takes place in the areas of the demons, where the spiritual world has organized dreamlike punishment functions for the humans of the world. So humans are being punished, like has been depicted, due to their earlier wrongdoings.


Angels are sacred entities, which have lots of word power into the matters of the spiritual world. Overseer angels do continually their work by being entities in the spiritual world that supervise humans. Overseer angels function very wrongfully in relation to humans more rarely than is even imagined, because the spiritual world has created the overseer angels as supervisors of humans.

Angels there are many different kinds. They are different also from their types. Different angel types are based on different situations, in which angels are given birth with the magic of the spiritual world. In our angels there is very much injustice towards humans, because they either aren’t perfect entities, but they have their own aims to function in their own ways, like other entities have as well.

Angels can be said to be from their type holy angels, elves of light angels, light angels, angels of badness, warrior angels, angels of injustice, cursed angels and angels of goodness.

Angels are very wrongful in relation to humans very rarely, but at times they cause humans problems from the spiritual world. Angels live everywhere in the spiritual world, but they exist also in certain areas meant for angels. Such areas are called also among others Hell and Heaven.


Divinities are most often placed by the Creator as governors for entities from their functions. They are as entities of the spiritual world very influential in relation to other entities. Believing in them is although harmful most often. The divinities have so a very wrongful position in their possession, in which they can act quite freely, if they want such. However, wrongfully functioning divinities will always become removed, if they are observed to be harmful to all entities.

Divinities which are harmful to all entities are so removable from their position, because the Creator doesn’t accept the divinity, which is harmful to our entities. The divinities live in Heaven, which is a dimension of the spiritual world, while they are divinities. They aren’t although anything more as entities than humans, only they have in the system of the spiritual world greater possibilities to act given by the Creator.

The divinities are very wrongful most often, because the divinities have very little experience from life most often. They only happen to be good in the tasks of a divinity, although without greater experience either from other activities. Our divinities functioned very wrongfully in earlier times, which is the operating method of the divinities also in modern times. The functions of all the divinities are very twisted quite soon after their placing as divinities, because entities often twist continually the activity of the divinities, when the divinities become cursed.

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