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In our dimensions there is good life for everyone living in them, because in our dimensions there are the Creator’s systems in action better than or example in the universe. All the entities of the dimensions have to be good to everyone with the Creator’s consent as well. The Creator’s systems were created to do dimensions for those, who would like to live in the world, but who can’t due to others live in the difficulties of the world.

The mixed activity of the dimensions is very meaningful to those, who see the inhabitants of the dimensions in action, because they have a very great influence into matters, which they are rotating in their dimensions. The all kinds of activity of all the entities of the dimensions shows in the world as different self made acts, which the ones living in the world couldn’t achieve to be done almost at all. This is due to that the world’s humans have slightly more difficult than the ones living in dimensions have.

In the dimensions there lives all in all one percent of the population, when their activity is repairing others, because they have more eased life with the help from the Creator’s systems.