Date: 9.3.2014

Creation work is very difficult on planet Earth, because for it one needs the Creator’s permission. One doesn’t receive the Creator’s permission due to the systems of the world very easily. The world’s system functions in this wrongfully. Into the matters of the system, one can’t interfere almost at all, because they are completely unchangeable.

All the creation work is wrongful activity, because in it, there is always injustice with. This injustice comes forth very wrongfully so, that the functions of all entities will be opposing to some other. Then, for example, the creation of carnivores is very wrongful for herbivores. One has to fight with all these kinds of problems while doing creation, because nothing is without counterparty while creating.

These kinds of creation from the part of animals and other more remaining phenomena is slightly rare as a continuous activity, because animals can keep their species up themselves, when creation isn’t necessary to be used constantly from the part of animals. This applies to everything, also to technologies, which can also be created. These kinds of creating of technologies are at times necessary, so that humans would have the ability to do things better than without created technologies. These kinds of creations of technologies are the most wrongful from the part of creation.

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