About the entities of outer space 2

Date 16.6.2014


Our outer space is full of life, when life is very common on different areas. The entities of our outer space function with very perfect systems. Their activity is although perfectly wrongful, so no-one in our outer space is holier than the humans of planet Earth. All the entities of our outer space function like everywhere spreading injustice, so that all the entities of outer space do injustice wherever they are traveling.

Our outer space functions with very precise network system, where space travel is made possible on the level of a dimension. Everywhere, there is such a possibility to fly in space in a dimension. This kind of dimension equipment is very wrongful, so the entities of outer space are technologically so developed, that on planet Earth, there isn’t almost at all comparable knowledge scientifically.

All the entities of outer space do also their works of injustice to different entities. With high level functions of injustice, the entities of outer space fight wars with each other always when their benefits go against each other. With these wars, one is very wrongful by the spiritual world to the entities of outer space. The activity of all the entities of outer space compares the Creator slightly more than the activity of an ordinary inhabitant of planet Earth. The Creator is so more in accordance with the entities of outer space rather than in accordance with the inhabitants of planet Earth. This is due to that in the Creator’s systems one is by the entities of outer space more influential than on the small planet Earth.


The entities of planet Earth function wrongfully towards all entities, because they are in very different kind of system than where the other inhabitants of the universe are. Then they imagine that they are somehow more special than aliens are in their opinion. Such is wrongful thinking, because no one is more special than other entities. Such specialty of entities is as a problem on planet Earth in later times, because the entities of outer space can, in the Creator’s system, destroy planet Earth, if one is towards them completely absurd by the entities of planet Earth.

Such is making injustice, if the entities of outer space can come onto planet Earth, in the Creator’s systems. Then the entities of outer space function completely absurdly with the Creator’s permission, if they aren’t gotten to like more from the entities of planet Earth. Such is so important, that the entities of planet Earth are likeable by the entities of outer space, so that they wouldn’t receive a permission to construct a terrible punishment for the inhabitants of planet Earth.


The continuous activity of all the inhabitants of planet Earth is very wrongful while looking with the eyes of the entities of outer space. Because they are here with their high level appliances watching the flow of our life, completely unnoticed they aren’t, but they can do such matters with their appliances, from which we haven’t got a slightest idea. Such functions are very wrongful according to the inhabitants of planet Earth, but not truly, because in the Creator’s systems in it, there isn’t injustice.

No one is allowed to know about the meaning of planet Earth, unless the one isn’t very perfect from one’s thoughts. Because the planet Earth is the Creator’s planet, where one develops the activity of the spiritual world and the world. The functions of all our planets are everywhere very real, when on our planets one was very wrongful also in our outer space.


In our outer space, there are all kinds of different kinds of an entity also on a very high level. Such entities are humanoids from their appearance most often. Although, the entities of our outer space function a lot among each other’s. So our entities of outer space have lots of activity also with the outsiders.

From our outer space, entities can anytime come here onto our planet Earth with their own equipment, when our outer space functions very differently than we have imagined on the level of science. From our outer space, one can take advantage of our information also with the help from the Internet. Our outer space functions very differently, than what we so have even imagined. Because travelling in a dimension, is so different kind of traveling, than what we are used to. These kinds of entities of outer space make their travels in this way a lot daily.

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